Webinar: 7 Steps to Rock Your Personal Brand Online for 2019 – Building Your Influence

Thursday, January 17th, 2019_ 11:00am Central Time

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Thursday, Jan. 17th

11:00AM Central Time

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What's all the buzz about?

If you’ve received a referral for a job or new business, your online digital presence or branding is critical. You are literally only one click away from being chosen or passed up for great opportunities but many times, you’ll never know.  

Equip yourself with the tools from the best who helped thousands of professionals elevate their personal brand and increase their Influence online. Dean DeLisle, the founder and CEO of Social Jack™, and his team have put together a quick, easy-to follow recipe to get you on the right track that enhances your online personal brand and builds your Influence so that YOU are chosen for better, professional opportunities.

What You'll Learn:

Importance of Personal Brand

Why and how your digital presence impacts your personal brand.  

How to Get Found FIRST!

Easy tips to help shift your placement in searches and get found before your competitors. 

Quick Power Moves 

Specific steps to help you become known in your social and professional networks.

What is a "Flash Class" ?  

The Social Jack™ Flash Classes are condensed, actionable educational courses to be consumed in less than 30 minutes using a webinar format. These classes are designed so you can take immediate next steps to accelerate your digital influence in the world. 

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About Social Jack  

The Social Jack™ Team has successfully coached and trained over 100,000 professionals on Influencer Development, Social Selling, and B2B Influencer Marketing. Through their educational resources and services, they’ve helped thousands of individuals unlock their Influence and distinguish their digital presence. 

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About Dean DeLisle  

Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, and the creator of Social Jack, the number one Influencer Development Platform in the world, has developed training programs and services to help organizations and professionals become an influence in a very digital world. He and his team have trained and coached over 120,000 professionals, globally, throughout the last 15 years. 

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